Welcome to Tre Gatti...

Beautiful Vineyard, Remarkable Grapes 

If you’ve been a fan of Tre Gatti wines, you might be here to make a purchase and are wondering why you can't find Tre Gatti wines on our website. In 2021 we realized the time had come for us to give up the wine portion of the business and return to growing grapes for artisan winemakers. 

The dictonary defines "artisan" as a person who makes a high quality or distinctive product in small quantities using traditional methods.  We've been fortunate to find winemakers who seek and appreciate our small lots of high quality grapes, turning them into remarkable wines.

Because the food/wine experience continues to be an important part of our lifestyle at Tre Gatti, we've kept and expanded the RECIPES section, where you’ll find lots of interesting options to make your food and wine experience more enjoyable.

Some recipes are quick and easy while others require a few more ingredients and a little more time. Either way, we think you’ll love the results and hope you'll visit often 

We're asked all the time about how and why two corporate "nine-to-fivers" moved back to this rural setting to plant a vineyard.  You’ll find the story about our journey in ABOUT US.  If you're more interested in learning about grape growing in general and our vineyard in particular, check out the VINEYARD section.

If you’ve been here before, thanks for returning.  And if this is your first visit, we hope you’ll come back often.