From the very beginning, our love affair with wine included delicious food…..the absolute “perfect pairing”!  After years of cooking for family and friends and reading cookbooks like novels, I’ve collected some terrific recipes.

This section will remain a work in progress and I hope you’ll find a reason to visit often. The recipes will change with the seasons, or sometimes just because I revisited a recipe and think you might enjoy it, too.

Some of the recipes call for wine as an ingredient because whether you use a splash to deglaze a skillet, or an entire bottle to braise a pot roast, it adds an instant layer of flavor. Some wines add sweet or fruity overtones while others impart acidic or savory notes. However you use it, wine can certainly be a truly wonderful ingredient.

W. C. Fields once said, “I cook with wine; sometimes I even add it to the food”. I’ve adopted Mr. Fields’ philosophy and think doing both together with friends and family is definitely the best of both worlds!